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Bar and Restaurant

While you’ll be staying at our hotel, you will be able to enjoy our superb food menu available both at our lobby restaurant and a garden, just as well as order menu items upstairs, as a part of our room service. We offer both meat & fish dishes, vegetarian menu items and Ethiopian delicious food.


 bar restaurant



We have also soft drinks, cultural Ethiopian coffee ceremony and other special cultural dishes from other nations with multicultural experienced hotel staff and chef. Our garden and restaurants are ideal places to be with your beloved ones, family or partners so that you can have great time in dining and having great time for leisure or business discussions.


Oasis Restaurant



On par with our  restaurant, we also have a  bar, which features an extensive Beverages, Spirits and Wines Menu of its own… Try not to get tangled within dozens of miscellaneous cocktails, alcoholic drinks and different wines that we have there!


Oasis Bar Hawassa